If you liked ChronoWall during your trial and would like to continue using it, please consider purchasing the product in the online store. Purchasing ChronoWall allows you to use the software on up to five (5) personally owned computers. Your license never expires and any future upgrades and new major releases will be available to you at no extra cost. Currently, ChronoWall is competitively priced at $11.99 $7.99.

If you are new to ChronoWall and would like to try it free for 30 days, please download it here.

Digital Blasphemy members are eligible for a 25% discount! Right before you enter your payment information during checkout, please apply the coupon code listed on this page. This can be used along with the 25% off Digital Blasphemy membership/renewal coupon code that is delivered upon purchase.


  • Ability to use ChronoWall after the 30 day trial, forever
  • Lifetime license to one of the most versatile wallpaper changers on the planet
  • Ability to upload to the Effects Gallery
  • Ongoing, active development
  • I am open to feedback and suggestions
  • Any potential software bugs are addressed as soon as possible
  • No Internet-based activation process whatsoever
  • 25% off Digital Blasphemy memberships and renewals!

How soon should I expect to receive my key?

ChronoWall's online store is completely automated. Once your payment is accepted you should receive a key within a few minutes*. If you do not receive your key in a timely matter, please check your junk mail folder. If you are unable to find your key, please contact me immediately. In the event that this system is disrupted, I will make every effort to send the key to you manually.

What forms of payment are accepted?

I accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) and PayPal.

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Are Refunds Offered?

Currently, refunds are not offered. This is due to the way the activation-less license system works. Once a license key is sent, I cannot "unsend" it. To get around this limitation, I offer a 30-day free trial. Before committing to a purchase, please try the product fully and make sure it meets your needs. The trial product functions exactly the same as the full product, less the ability to upload image effects.

What if a software bug is encountered?

ChronoWall has been vigorously tested. Each release goes through a beta test before it becomes official. In addition, you get a 30-day free trial where you can assess the stability of the product. If you do happen to find a bug, please report it in the online forums. Bug reports will take priority over any features I am working on. Rest assured that it will be fixed.

Where do I go to purchase the product?

Please head over to the online store. I appreciate your business!

Feel free to drop me a line should you have any questions.

=html_link( 'about.php#contact', 'drop me a line' );?> should you have any questions.