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Posted 15 November 2011 - 12:08 AM

It's been a while since my last release! Mostly, I have been putting the final touches on the initial production version. Rest assured that any Digital Blasphemy fans out there will not be dissapointed.

First and foremost, ChronoWall is now officially out of the "Release Candidate" phase - the full official product is now available! This journey certainly wasn't easy - it took approximately 1 full year of lost nights and weekends due to extensive coding, graphic design and debugging/testing. Of course, the most important part of the whole cycle was all of you - no product can be designed entirely by one person.

In addition, ChronoWall is now distributed with 12 full resolution, high-quality images kindly provided by Ryan Bliss of Digital Blasphemy. I have signed an agreement with Ryan that both gives me the privilege of using some of his images in my software and allows anyone who purchases it 25% off Digital Blasphemy memberships and renewals. Special thanks goes to him for his generosity!

This release also fixes a few bugs and adds several features - many of which were suggested by several of you.

From here, ChronoWall will only get better. The fun part about this project is that the work never ends. I have not forgotten about several of the features requested in the beta test - they will be implemented in future releases.

Note that this will be the last mailing-list-based email that you will receive from me. Any further communication with me will be made publicly in the forums or via direct, private correspondance via email.

I want to personally thank you all for taking the time to help me with getting this off the ground. ChronoWall is already way beyond what I initially invisioned it as over 4 years ago.


Tooltip-based help is available throughout the GUI and can be toggled on/off


When changing the image storage directory, files are now moved correctly


Lightened the up arrow when showing/hiding the schedule.


Fixed an issue where right-clicking on the background preview while the background was changing would cause ChronoWall to freeze.


There is now much more interaction with the currently displayed image(s) for the background (besides excluding). For the currently displayed background and collage images, you can now right-click each image to add it to another group, navigate to its location, and view any website associated with it. This comes in very handy if you have an online search / RSS feed set as a background/collage and you see an image from it that you want to either save permanently or see where it comes from with minimal effort.


You can now save search images directly from the search results navigation by right-clicking them.


Added subtile borders around the lists of searches and RSS feeds.


Fixed a rare crash that could happen during a wallpaper change.


The 'ChronoWall.xml' file, which contains all your groups and settings, is now backed up every time you make any changes and every time you launch ChronoWall. Up to 10 iterations of the file are kept. This prevents the loss of all groups and settings in the event that power is lost during a write operation.


Fixed some memory leaks.


Made several menus much easier to read.


Sometimes during a group change, the wallpaper would change more than once very rapidly. This has been fixed.

You can download the latest version at http://chronowall.co/downloads.php

To upgrade, first exit ChronoWall and install the new version over the existing one. You do not need to uninstall the old version. If you are unable to upgrade due to the file 'DesktopTransition.dll' (or 'DesktopTransition64.dll') being locked, log off and log back on and try the installation again.

Note: those of you who are upgrading will NOT see the groups that contain the sample Digital Blasphemy images. This is because those images are only added when the product is launched for the first time. If you are upgrading and wish to see them, please navigate to the directory for which you installed ChronoWall to (usually C:\Program Files\ChronoWall). Ryan's images are in the subfolder 'DB_Images'. In addition, there are image effects that are normally applied to these. You can download the effects in the online Effects Gallery.

I hope you enjoy the fixes/features in this latest release! :)

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