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Version 1.00 RC4

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Posted 11 October 2011 - 08:01 PM

I am pleased to announce the next release candidate version, 1.00 RC4. This version introduces quite a radical GUI redesign.

One beta tester commented that the top buttons were too big (among other issues). That tester also mentioned that the Active Groups and Active Images lists were too small to be useful.

When I originally designed ChronoWall, I wasn't quite sure as what to place in the Main Status screen. So I implemented some 'decoration'. It turns out that it is quite useless in its current state.

Enter the redesign. The top buttons are now much smaller, and instead of showing a small list of Active Groups and Active Images, I have replaced them with a large icon-based list of the Active Images. You can now see 21 large icons at a time in the Active Images list.

The Active Groups list has been replaced with an innovative decision - simply highlight the groups that are active on the main left list. This highlighting of the Active Groups actually makes it easier when attempting to add images from search results to currently active groups.

Furthermore, the Enable/Disable and Change Now buttons (along with all the statuses on the bottom), have been consolidated on the top task bar. This saves a lot of space and makes the top menubar much more useful. You can now access Enable/Disable and Change Now via a small dropdown menu next to the new, smaller Settings button.

Also, since I have made the top buttons much smaller, each button now has text below it that indicates what it is. This way, you don't have to hover over it and see a tooltop.

The result is a version of ChronoWall that I probably could not have invisioned without that beta tester who made that comment - I greatly appreciate it!

I realize this is a pretty radical change, especially for a "Release Candidate" version - but it makes the program so much more useful that I decided to go for it.

Please let me know if you like/hate the new interface.

The full changelog is listed below.


GUI redesign (see message)


When selecting any item from a dropdown while editing a group, the 'Save' button is now enabled.

You can download the latest version at http://chronowall.co/downloads.php

To upgrade, first exit ChronoWall and install the new version over the existing one. You do not need to uninstall the old version. If you are unable to upgrade due to the file 'DesktopTransition.dll' (or 'DesktopTransition64.dll') being locked, log off and log back on and try the installation again.

Thank you all for your help! So far, there haven't been any other major bugs reported. I feel that ChronoWall is pretty stable and useful in this current state. If there are no more bugs or major usability issues reported, this will be the last "Release Candidate" version. After that, I will start implementing new features.

I hope you enjoy the fixes in this latest release!

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