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Version 1.00 RC3

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Posted 05 October 2011 - 08:42 AM

I am pleased to announce the next release candidate version, 1.00 RC3. This version fixes several GUI issues, a few bugs, fixes some speed issues with the fading mechanism and introduces a new feature: the ability to enable/disable ChronoWall from the system tray icon. In addition, releases from this point on will be code signed. Code signing guarantees that the software that you download from me has not been modified during transit. This prevents any outside party from tampering with my releases without invalidating my digital signature. I have chosen to use Comodo as my Certificate Authority. Full instructions for checking the signature are now shown on the Download page.

Also, this version should be upgradable - I neglected to update the version numbers in the actual binaries for my last release - I apologize for that.

The full changelog is listed below.


You can now enable/disable ChronoWall from the tray icon. The icon will be greyed whenever ChronoWall is disabled, allowing you to easily see ChronoWall's status. Also, the main program icon has been changed to reflect the logo.


All releases now have their executables and setup packages code signed to allow people to detect a tainted copy.


When editing a wallpaper group, the 'Save' button is disabled by default. When anything is changed in the group, that button becomes enabled and a notification is shown that indicates that changes can be saved. This makes it much easier to edit wallpaper groups.


When navigating to the Settings view, the 'Save' button is disabled by default. When anything is changed in the settings that needs to be saved, that button is enabled again. This prevents any potential confusion - many dialogs on that screen, such as the Collage Options, did not require the 'Save' button to be pressed again.


I have removed the popup window that shows up when you launch ChronoWall for the first time. Instead, a welcome message is shown in place of the current wallpaper indicator with instructions on how to use the software.


Tooltips are now only displayed AFTER their positions are set. This was a highly annoying bug that needed to be fixed.


If daylight savings time starts/ends, ChronoWall now automatically resets the time zone information and reloads the groups. Previously, you had to restart ChronoWall.


Your computer is now much more responsive during a wallpaper fade. Previously, I was sending an extra "redraw" message and flooding the message queue, preventing any Explorer windows from being used until the fade finished. I apologize for that!

In addition, the fade seems to animate better.


Fixed a possible crash when exiting ChronoWall while the wallpaper was still changing.

You can download the latest version at http://chronowall.co/downloads.php

To upgrade, first exit ChronoWall and install the new version over the existing one. You do not need to uninstall the old version. If you are unable to upgrade due to the file 'DesktopTransition.dll' (or 'DesktopTransition64.dll') being locked, log off and log back on and try the installation again.

Thank you all for your help! Depending on how well-received this next version is, the next version may be one of the last release candidates. Feel free to let me know of any more bugs or suggestions.

I hope you enjoy the fixes in this latest release!

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