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Version 0.97

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Posted 27 August 2011 - 12:16 PM

I am pleased to announce the next version of ChronoWall, 0.97! This version bring a much desirable feature: Windows 7-style desktop fading. This new fading mechanism is supported on Windows 7, Vista and XP (SP2). Previously, I was using a transparent window to fade the wallpaper. Unfortunately, that method had several major drawbacks: slow speed and most annoyingly - it drew over the icons during the fade. This new method utilizes Direct3D and a shell hook - it performs much faster and looks a lot better.

Since this new method requires Direct3D, the system requirements have changed. In order to do desktop transitions, your computer must have a GPU that supports Direct3D 9.0c. Most computers built in the past 5 years meet this requirement. Also, since a shell hook is now implemented, two versions of ChronoWall are necessary: 32-bit and 64-bit. I have given MSI installations of both and in addition, have provided a universal installer that will automatically detect which version of Windows you are running if you are unsure.

Other minor bugfixes have been addressed as well.

Note that this is the last feature I will add to this software until version 1.0 is released. Releases after this one up to version 1.0 will focus solely on bugs.

Feel free to share any feature requests you would like to see, and I will see if I can implement them in future versions after 1.0.

Here is the full changelog for 0.97:


    Added Windows-7 style desktop fading!

  • (BUGFIX)

    Added product author and version information to all the executables and dll's this product uses. This allows someone to easily identify what is running on their computer.

  • (BUGFIX)

    A certain windows notification was not being handled correctly. This has been fixed.

NOTE: When using the fade, Anti-virus software may complain that a program called 'DesktopTransitionServer.exe' or 'DesktopTransitionServer64.exe' (if you are on 64-bit) is trying to hook to 'explorer.exe' via 'DesktopTransition.dll' or 'DesktopTransition64.dll'. Rest assured that this software does NOT contain any harmful code, and never will. If you are unsure that the right .dll is being loaded, you can inspect the file properties of it. Make sure that the Author is 'Joshua Pilkington' and the Product is 'ChronoWall'. Feel free to email me if you are having difficulty using this feature.

As always, you can check the roadmap in the forums at chronowall.co.

You can download the latest version at http://chronowall.co/downloads.php

To upgrade, simply install the new version over the existing one. You do notneed to uninstall the old version.

Thank you all for your help! Please let me know of any more suggestions, issues or bugs.

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