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Version 0.95

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Posted 05 August 2011 - 06:37 AM

I am pleased to announce the next available version of ChronoWall Beta, 0.95. This version introduces a host of new features fixes several bugs. One major new feature is the ability to export/import image effects. In addition, there are two exciting new image effects available: a Hue-shift that preserves the perceived lightness/saturation and Bloom, a popular shader effect that allows you to make light sources in images appear more realistic. See more information about bloom here. Of course, the bloom effect's parameters can be changed based on time, just like the rest of the effects in ChronoWall.

Here is the full changelog:

  • (BUGFIX)

    Empty/disabled wallpaper groups no longer determine the change frequency. Special thanks goes to "StealthMonkey" for pointing this out!

  • (BUGFIX)

    The image effects GUI was cumbersome to use in several ways. For instance, when you double-clicked on an endpoint to edit its parameters, the endpoint could move. This has been fixed. In addition, several improvements have been made to the image effects GUI that optimizes its performance.


    Ability to import/export image effects. Image effects are saved as XML files that can later be imported. This allows you to copy image effects from one computer running ChronoWall to another - in addition, this gives you the ability to share effects with others. Currently, there is no official "online portal" to share these - though that may change depending on the future popularity of this software.


    A new image effect: Hue shift that preserves the perceived lightness/saturation. The old hue shift did not take into account the lightness/saturation, causing many images to look odd when a large degree shift was used. This new effect supplements the existing list of effects and is called "Hue (Preserve Lightness)".


    A new image effect: Bloom. This effect can drastically increase the realism of light in an image - or if you prefer, make the image have a "fantasy" look. More information about bloom is in this introduction. In addition, the help manual has been updated to explain how to use this effect.


    Ability to copy one layer's parameters to another. This is useful if you decide to switch from the "Hue" image effect to the "Hue (Preserve Lightness)". If parameters from one layer are pasted to another "incompatible" layer, at the very least the endpoints and their positions will be copied.

As always, you can check the roadmap in the forums at chronowall.co.

You can download the latest version at http://chronowall.co/downloads.php

To upgrade, simply install the new version over the existing one. You do not
need to uninstall the old version.

Thank you all for your continued stream of suggestions so far! Please let me know of any more suggestions, issues or bugs.

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