About the Author

My name is Joshua Pilkington. I work as a full-time developer in Charlotte, NC for an IT security company. I have had an interest in computers for my entire life (my first computer was given to me at the age of 9, and ever since then I have been honing my skills). Beyond computers, my interests include music, photography, physical fitness, martial arts, Budokon, and generally having fun.

I started ChronoWall approximately 4 years ago when I was a student at North Carolina State University. Looking at photos has always been an interest for me, and the background changing features that came with Windows was never really satisfying.

One night, I was looking at an image with different adjustments applied to it — and I realized that certain color adjustments reminded me of different times of the day. I started out with a simple script that would change my background (to pre-manipulated images) based on the position of the sun. This was soon transformed into a fully-featured, native C++ program that would support all different kinds of images. This project was neglected for the next three years due to my focus on getting an education, and it was only this past year when I decided to turn ChronoWall into a full-blown product.

In addition to supporting images that I had, I thought the ability to find photos from several online sources would be interesting. That is when I implemented the image search feature. I was soon filling up my computer with new photos every day.

Beyond photos of landscapes, I thought it would be interesting to add people into the mix. I soon implemented the collage feature — and that pretty much opened up an entire new dimension for this project.

Before I knew it, I had created a product that met all of my photography/entertainment needs. There is definitely still more to add — the exciting aspect about this product is that the work never ends.

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Name: Joshua Lynn Pilkington